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Success as You Define It

Who We Are

We Help Students

At ReUp, our mission is to provide you with the resources you need to overcome educational barriers and achieve your goals. Whether you’re an adult learner on a nontraditional path or a student who left college without a degree because of unforeseen circumstances, we offer free personalized coaching that empowers you to fulfill your academic, professional, and personal goals. From figuring out the right path for you to achieving your definition of success, you can count on ReUp for the support you need—when and where you need it.

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You Have Choices

Explore Your Options

Interested in furthering your education but not sure that returning to your original college or university is in the cards? You have options.

Our Success Coaches are here to help you decide whether transferring might align with your current goals. Or if you are interested in pursuing a more career-focused, à la carte alternative, ReUp’s network of partner schools provides you with access to more than 1,300 programs that are tailored to your needs as an adult learner, including certificates and other credentials that will prepare you for the future of work.

ReUp can help you explore and choose the right education or training for your goals, your timeframe, and your budget:

  • Determine if returning to your college or university is right for you.
  • Find a degree or credential program that fits your needs.
  • Navigate the enrollment process from beginning to end.
  • Set goals and overcome obstacles all the way to graduation.

From program discovery and selection to enrollment and completion, we’re here to support you as you move forward on your path to success.

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How We Do It

Support = Success

ReUp’s free coaching is the guidance, confidence builder, and motivation you need to achieve your goals. From helping you explore your education options to supporting you through program completion, our Success Coaches focus on your individual strengths and needs so you’ll be empowered to make well-informed plans for your future.


What Is Success Coaching Anyway?

Get an insider’s view of how ReUp coaching works.


Success Coaching 101

Discover the benefits of the coaching experience.


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Coaching sessions are available by phone, text, or email.

What They're Saying

“Without encouragement from my coach to re-enroll and support me throughout the whole semester, I would have possibly put my career on hold indefinitely. Sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction!” Andres, Kalamazoo Valley Community College
“Stephanie was a huge part of my support system this semester, along with my husband. The support I felt from a total stranger was encouraging and heartwarming. She made me feel like I can do this! She answered my questions, and when I expressed to her how alone I felt the first time I attended Parkside, she assured me that I would not be doing this alone. She would be here every step of the way, and it was absolutely what I needed.” Adeline, University of Wisconsin–Parkside
“If it wasn’t for my Success Coach sticking with me, taking the time to get to know me and understand my situation and help me come up with a good plan and stick with it, I wouldn’t be in school today.” Alejandro, Bellevue University
“My coach was kind of like a fairy godmother, in a sense. She let me know, ‘Hey, I am here for you. Whether you have questions about signing up for classes, need to relearn how to do anything, or just need someone to talk about the process, I am here for you.’ She has been really sweet just keeping in contact with me.” Hannah, Texas A&M University–Central Texas